Tryout Info

I will be holding a pre-season soccer meeting at Oshkosh West in early August, check back in mid July for the date (or follow us on our social media accounts).  At this meeting I will have more information about the season schedules, team expectations, and more. The pre-season meeting is also a great time to turn in any required paperwork that you have. 

During the try-out week, the players will be split into two groups. The JV group will be comprised of incoming freshman and players that played on JVB the year before. The varsity group will be comprised of sophomores through seniors that are invited to join the varsity tryout group. After practices begin some players may be asked to switch groups to help even out the numbers (they will be notified after the first practice).

After teams are selected the practice schedule is up to the individual team coach. The practice schedule for the first few days can be found in the TeamSnap app so please register ASAP!

BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS, every West athlete needs to take care of the following items:

Submit a valid physical to Mr. Jodarski (athletic director) or if you had a physical last year submit an alternate year card. Physical cards are available at most physician offices and alternate year cards are available by contacting Mr. Jodarski.  REQUIRED BEFORE 1st PRACTICE

View the activities code meeting (player and at least one parent) and submit the online form below the video to verify you have watched it. This year the code meetings will take place online. Visit the West High School website to view the presentation. REQUIRED BEFORE 1st PRACTICE

Turn in a pink emergency card. These can be picked up from the athletic office (entrance by tennis courts) or at the pre-season soccer meeting. You can turn this in to Coach Callahan at the FIRST PRACTICE.

Pay the athletic fee at registration. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch notify the athletic department and the athletic fee is waived.

Please take care of all of these items before the start of practice. We want to begin practicing as soon as possible the first day of practice and not have to spend time taking care of paperwork. It is not a bad idea to double check with Mr. Jodarski or myself before the first day of practice to make sure you have everything done. As mentioned above, the first two items are required by the school district and the WIAA before an athlete can even practice. Teams will be selected within the first week (normally by Wednesday or Thursday) of practice. Missing practice the first day or two would not be a good start to the season.